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Do you provide superior customer service and have strong moral character?
Are you tired of chasing transactions over several counties just to make a buck?
Do you consider yourself an expert in a paticular city or market?
Do you truly feel you would be a greater success if you do business locally?

If you answered yes to all of these questions…you may be a good fit for our group.

Nirvana Property Connection is a Global Alliance Real Estate group with a boutique feel.  The group is comprised of small brokerage agents/offices that need international presence and a resource for outgoing referrals.  The group prides itself on superior client relations and mutual professional respect.

Agents are invited to the group based on area expert performance, completion of localized training and adhering to our strict standards of practice.  Members of the group do not pay a fee to benefit from Nirvana’s services.  A transaction fee will be paid on successful completion of a sale or purchase by the receiving referral broker themselves.

How is Nirvana different from other referral companies?

Nirvana Property Connection is not a referral company.  It is a “Global Alliance Real Estate Group” we are a team of realtors from several brokerage offices worldwide.  We share the same morals and values.

What can Nirvana do for you?

♦  Give you international/national presence
♦  Broaden your sphere of influence
♦  Track your referrals
♦  Cross market globally
♦  Grow business locally

What Benefits do I get by joining the alliance?

♦  Use of Global Brand
♦  Association with quality professionals
♦  Known advocate for small businesses
♦  Increase growth for long-term prosperity
♦  Global association and exposure
♦  Personal agent/client assistance
♦  Resource for additional marketing
♦  Support growth of small businesses
♦  Receive Referrals
♦  Secure outgoing referrals

What can my referral clients expect?

♦  Superior customer service
♦  Cross marketing promotions
♦  Personalized partnership
♦  Mutual professional respect
♦  Pre-qualification
♦  Monitoring of deadlines
♦  Follow-up
♦  Clear communication

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