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Nirvana Property Connection is a “Global Alliance Boutique Real Estate Group” which is comprised of leading national and international agents that are experienced, licensed and established professionals.

We believe as agents, in holding and maintaining the client’s best interest in mind not our own.  We understand a client may be interested in two or more locations or possibly two or more different markets.  We believe in utilizing our group alliance for the client’s best interest. Each specializing in a certain market and or city.

We are location specialists!    We know our market and have the inside track on LOCAL SPORTS, PARKS, RESTAURANTS, DATE NIGHT HANG OUTS, CHILDRENS PLAYGROUNDS, LIVE MUSIC AND MORE!  We care!  WE are your real estate professional, neighbor and new friend.

Our group’s integrity holds steadfast to old fashioned values such as: superior customer service, detailed ready-made knowledge and strong moral character.


The Nirvana Property Connection group is your central point of contact for all your real estate needs.  Our connection with you provides you with a FREE exclusive private personal assistant, bridging the gap between you and your real estate agent.  We are a neutral party acting as YOUR partner working alongside you and your agent throughout your journey, helping you to reach your goal.
Our personalized service will help you:

♦  keep organized
♦  trouble shoot
♦  keep educated along the way
♦  follow up
♦  keep track of important details
♦  monitor deadlines
♦  stay in control
♦  maintain privacy
♦  lower stress levels
♦  maintain a competitive advantage during negotiations
♦  save time and money

We will make sure  you receive the professionalism, accountability and communication when you want it.

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“Nirvana Property Connection Group – transcending real estate as we know it!”

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